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Quinte Mohawk students become water stewards

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This past May, students from Quinte Mohawk School became stewards of the water. Students from multiple grades learned how to analyze the water quality of their school’s onsite wetland with Water First staff. They also learned about the impact of human activity on the health of the water and the wildlife that live in and around it.  

After the workshop, the students’ water quality data was added to an interactive map hosted by an organization called Water Rangers. You can see the students’ findings here.

After a few days of rain, the sky cleared on the final day for the tree planting. Despite some wet feet, students in the EarthCare Team planted approximately 300 trees in the community! They planted at the local sports complex, along a ditch, and at the school’s wetland. The trees will grow to provide shade for children at the park and reduce flooding at the edge of a field. The trees’ roots will also help to prevent erosion of soil into waterways.

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