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Water First

Skills training to meet a community’s vision

The communities that Water First collaborates with are interested in building technical skills and strengthening capacity for independent resource management. These communities have identified education and training as a key component to managing water resources and tracking the effects of climate change. We support community priorities through custom, project-based training programs that weave western science with local Indigenous ways of knowing.

Environmental technical training is a well-established field. We focus first on consulting with community partners about their long-term environmental water goals. Once we understand those goals, we help determine priority areas and local training needs that our Environmental Water team can address.

As an organization, we have provided hands-on training and education programs in over 90 Indigenous communities in Canada.

Environmental Water Program projects
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Building trust and nurturing meaningful relationships

Trust and relationships are at the heart of our work. Our approach of consultation, collaboration, and alignment to long-term goals and training needs means our programs are customized and geared towards each community’s unique goals when it comes to water resources management and stewardship.

We strive to deliver programs that help to strengthen communities in a meaningful way with sustainable outcomes.

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