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Skills training to meet a community’s vision

While working with many Indigenous communities, we have heard time and again their vision of Indigenous-led land management. Communities want to manage their water resources and track the effects of industry and climate change. As a result, they are seeking ways to strengthen their technical capacity to do so.

Environmental technical training is a well-established field. What sets Water First apart is our approach. First, we consult with our Indigenous partners about their long-term environmental water goals. By understanding their goals, we help to determine priority areas and local training needs. Our Environmental Water Program is ready to address these training needs.

As an organization, we have eight years of experience providing hands-on training and education programs in over 55 Indigenous communities in Canada.







Training designed to meet capacity needs

Based on local training needs, we design a custom training program related to fish habitat restoration, water quality monitoring, mapping, and data management. A custom training aligned with community identified goals and needs. As such, the Environmental Water Program is adaptable to meet individuals and communities where they are at.

Project completed by the community for the community

Our training incorporates an environmental water project. Project-based training provides a way to apply new knowledge and skills out on the water. The long-term goals of the community inform and guide which project is carried out. A project completed for a community, by a community, bringing invaluable experience and increased confidence through the process.

I hope I can share my experiences and knowledge with the younger generation, and teach them about the restoration and conservation of our land.

Lawrence Mameanskum
Naskapi Nation of Kawawachikimach
Water First Intern

Building trust and nurturing meaningful relationships

This is the heart of our work. Our approach of consultation, collaboration, and alignment to long-term goals and training needs sets us apart. It is more challenging to deliver.

However, our program helps to strengthen communities in a meaningful way with sustainable outcomes. This puts our Indigenous partners well on their way toward a more active role in managing and stewarding their water resources for the long term.

Restoration Projects

Strengthen fisheries, improve water quality.

Water Quality Studies

Improve drinking water and environmental water.

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