Water First: Special Project

Environmental Water

Supporting stewardship of traditional lands

Water First partners with Indigenous communities on projects that address current priorities. By combining traditional knowledge with environmental science, these projects encourage local land stewardship.

Young adults learn skills that help their communities to best manage their water resources.

Water Quality Studies

Improve drinking water and environmental water.

Our approach of connecting technical skills training and traditional knowledge with hands-on experience is what sets Water First apart.

Through consultations with communities and our First Nations Advisory Council, we have developed projects that fall into two general categories:

  1. Restoration projects rehabilitate waterways to reduce runoff or erosion and increase local fish populations.
  2. Baseline water quality and contaminant studies train young adults on environmental sampling methods. Communities get an analysis of their environmental water quality and information about potential exposure to contaminants through water or eating traditionally harvested foods.

Restoration Projects

Strengthen fisheries, improve water quality.

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Where We Work

The communities we have collaborated with.