Intern to Operator in just 15 months

The Water First Internship program is supporting Indigenous youth to become leaders in the world of drinking water treatment.

The Drinking Water program continues to be a priority for many communities, especially now. Clean and safe drinking water is always critical.

There is strong community demand for our program — and with your support, the program is expanding. 

Bimose Tribal Council & Water First

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60 Seconds as a Water First Intern

Everyone has a role to play

The internship has been welcomed in many communities, and we are committed to an Indigenous-led approach. We are listening to and speaking with many First Nations communities interested in building their local capacity through the Water First internship program. And with your support, our goal is to launch another internship in the coming year, providing vital hands-on training and experience.

Our interns play an important role in increasing water science capacities in First Nations communities, both now and for the future. Together, let’s invest in the next generation of water treatment operators. You can be a part of the solution.

The Interns

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