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Water First

Monthly Giving

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Join us in solving critical water challenges — become a monthly donor.

Becoming a monthly donor is a powerful way you can help make change.  

The results of your monthly investment can be seen in the individuals we train and support, in the transferable skills they gain and the growth in their confidence. And it can be seen in the increased capacity they provide to communities — providing critical services. Interns like Eric, who will create a lasting impact throughout their entire careers and life. 

Eric often shares how Water First training provided him with focus. Now he is a passionate advocate for clean water. Working in water treatment plants since graduating from training, Eric takes pride in his role as a water protector for communities.

Eric Vautour

Nibi (water) saved my life. I wouldn't be where I am right now if it wasn't for water.

Why give monthly?

  1. Join our community of monthly donors that care deeply about safe, clean water in Indigenous communities in Canada.
  2. Provide on-going support to ensure long-term, sustainable solutions 
  3. Expand our reach to more communities and plan into the future 
  4. Invest in the next generation of Indigenous water professionals

Make the most out of your support