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Water First

Gift of Securities

Giving a gift of securities is a great way to make a significant difference

Donating securities is a convenient way to give that offers favourable tax benefits for donors. As returns on investments increase over time, those capital gains are taxable. You can reduce the financial impact of this by donating your security directly to a registered charitable organization as they are not required to pay a capital gains tax.

Not only does this method of giving offer smart financial solutions, it can represent a meaningful investment in supporting Indigenous communities in Canada to access safe, clean water.

Ready to make a gift of securities to Water First?

If you would prefer to not make your gift online, a PDF form is available for download.

We were recently doing some tax planning and our advisor mentioned that if we donated stock to a charity, we would not have to pay any applicable capital gains. So we contacted Ami at Water First. Definitely a simple process that we would do again. We support Water First because every Canadian should have access to clean safe water.

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