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Water First

Partnership Opportunities

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You are the glue that holds our work together.

We are interested in partnering with like-minded organizations that care about clean drinking water, restoring the health of waterways and inspiring Indigenous youth as the next generation of water stewards in Indigenous communities.

We will work closely with your organization to match your interests to our programs and ensure your stakeholders are engaged in a meaningful way. We have great opportunities to partner for events and projects, as well as long-term sustainable investments. We would be interested in exploring options to raise the profile of both our organizations while highlighting the importance of clean water for all Indigenous communities in Canada.

To the best of our knowledge, Water First is the only charitable organization in Canada focused on addressing Indigenous communities’ water challenges through education, training, and collaboration.

Find out how your company can work with Water First by contacting Ami Gopal, Director of Development, at or 1 (800) 970-8467 ext. 106.

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