Inspiring Future Water Scientists

Certified educators at Water First have developed programs that create opportunities for students to strengthen their relationship with the environment, and to foster a love of education and Water Science.

Our Indigenous Schools Water Program, designed for K-12 students, includes hands-on STEM workshops that explore curricular Water Science concepts. Students spend time on the land and in the classroom exploring these topics using Water Science tools and Water First learning resources. Working in partnership with school administrators and other community members, students gain a comprehensive understanding of their local geography and watershed. They also learn about the role they can play, as students and as young professionals, in protecting their water resources.

What's in Your Water

A workshop series that teaches students about watersheds and the importance of source water protection.

In the classroom, using interactive watershed models, microscopes, Water Science lab equipment and inquiry-driven activities, students learn about hydrology and watershed ecology. Out on traditional lands, students plant seedlings and complete stream-side restoration action to improve the overall health of their community’s watershed.

During the infield activities, students are accompanied by Elders who share the cultural and historical significance of the land, and the importance of maintaining the health of the community’s watersheds and fish habitats. Supporting linkages between today’s youth and traditional land-use practices.

Growing Roots

An Indigenous schools program that provides students with the knowledge and skills to complete a conservation project within their community.

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