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Water First

Sparking a passion for environmental water stewardship

Considering the water crisis faced by many Indigenous communities, there is a profound underrepresentation of Indigenous voices in Canada’s water governance. Couple this with a lack of employment and education opportunities for Indigenous youth and it becomes clear that it is critical we continue to offer Indigenous students the most impassioned, empowering, and exciting water science education learning opportunities possible.

Certified educators at Water First have developed comprehensive programs that create opportunities for students to strengthen their relationship with the environment, and foster a love of education and water science.

Our programming, designed for K-12 students, include multiple hands-on STEM workshops that explore custom curricular and local water science concepts. Students spend time on the land and in the classroom exploring these topics using water science tools and Water First learning resources. Working in collaboration with community members, students gain a greater understanding of their local geography and watershed. They also learn about the role they can play, as students and as young professionals, in protecting their water resources.

Water First is honoured to have engaged with schools in over 50 communities across Canada. Witnessing students’ excitement and interest in the field of water science is inspiring.

About our School Water Program


Summer Reach Ahead Program

Students have the opportunity to participate in a community conservation or restoration project in tandem with curriculum based on the land lessons facilitated by Water First staff and different community guest speakers throughout the summer. Students will love this program because they can be involved with their community while also earning a high school credit. 

What's In Your Water

Using interactive watershed models, water ionizers, and heaps of water science field equipment, student scientists learn how to investigate the overall health of their community’s watershed by completing a local water source monitoring program.

Beausoleil First Nation

Full Circle

Student scientists are provided engineering-focused challenges and a community-based project to help them understand the infrastructure of their community and test the quality of their water using all sorts of fun water science field equipment.

Healthy Habitats

Student scientists explore the qualities and needs of different aquatic habitats across the world and make connections to the habitats and ecosystems they have in their own community.

Beausoleil First Nation Summer Program 2023

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