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Internship Milestones: Operator in Training Exam

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The Water First interns recently wrote their Entry Level Course and Operator in Training (OIT) exams. These exams are significant milestones in the Internship program, and passing this exam is the key step for the interns to become provincially certified as Operators in Training at a Water Treatment Plant.

To help the interns prepare for this particular exam, the Water First team travelled to Kenora to run a week-long review session with the interns. They covered challenging topics and wrote a mock exam to prepare.

Here are a few example questions that could have been on the exam:

  1. The chlorine dosage of a town’s water source is 4.0 mg/L. The chlorine demand for the water is 3.7 mg/L. What is the chlorine residual?
  2. Which of the following samples results would be classified as an “Adverse Result” under Ontario Regulation 170/03?

The internship program isn’t all about operating a water treatment plant. Environmental water monitoring training is included for a comprehensive skill set around water, from the watershed, to source water, and through treatment and distribution. After the big exam, the Water First team and interns spent a week diving into this training, out on the land and on the water. (More on this to come)

We are so proud of the interns and all the work they are doing in their journey to provide safe water for their communities.

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