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Future Water Quality Analysts in Training

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A key aspect of our training programs is to create the bridge between the solid base of knowledge and skills that partners currently have to where they are wanting to get to. So, when the interns of the Drinking Water Internship were preparing to write the most challenging of the three certification exams, we created an entirely new workshop to build the foundation necessary for water quality analysis. This week-long workshop took the interns on a deep dive into atomic, water and solution chemistry through hands-on lab activities and group work.

In the second week-long workshop, which culminated with writing the exam on the 5th day, the interns practiced with mock exams, interactive games, and group work to help study, practice, and boost confidence in an engaging and fun way. Now that they have written the exam we are eagerly awaiting the results. 

Learn more about the Drinking Water Internship here.

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