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Water First
An Essential Piece of the Puzzle

An Essential Piece of the Puzzle

  • 2 min read

“It just makes logical sense” shares Stephanie Trussler, board member of the Peter Gilgan Foundation. “The crisis of clean water is such a large problem and we need to address it from all angles. Water First has a logical and wonderful solution. And they empower Indigenous youth to be part of that solution.”

The Peter Gilgan Foundation strives to improve lives in an enduring manner. Over the last few years, the Foundation has been narrowing its focus to partner with organizations that best align with their mandate. Dedicated to progress and improving life opportunities, they look to support people in the greatest number of ways through education, health, and economic opportunities. 

Water First hits all three.

Through education and training, the Foundation can see the drinking water internship’s impact on community health. As well as the on-going economic opportunities for the young Indigenous adults graduating from the program.

With the devastating effects that COVID-19 could have on First Nation, Métis and Inuit communities, the importance of clean water has never been so clear. 

The Foundation hopes their support will create a ripple effect — encouraging others to invest. “While we are new partners, we have confidence in Water First. The internship is an important piece of the puzzle to help solve a larger issue.”