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A Visit to Long Point First Nation in Winneway, Quebec

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Walleye are a culturally significant species of fish for Anishinabek Peoples.

So, when the walleye habitat restoration work with Longpoint First Nation in Winneway, Quebec was postponed this summer due to COVID-19, we were disappointed.

But recently, after getting the clearance from the pandemic committee, we visited the community to reconnect and to scope out two community suggested sites for the restoration work. 

One of the sites was suggested because it borders a cultural site. Every year, the community has a cultural week hosted at this site twice a year. This week is a chance to gather and to get kids out on the land and on the water.

The other site was suggested because the waterfall acts as a natural barrie. The fish would travel to this point and since they can’t go any further would spawn at this site. By restoring both of these sites, the walleye eggs and fry would have an increased chance of survival. 

Come spring, we will hire two interns from the community to work with us building their capacity to continue this work long after we are gone.

Learn more about the projects within our Environmental Program here.

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