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Water First

Our Team

At every step, highly qualified and dedicated professionals are involved in our operations.

Staff Members

Nyree Bridgman

School Engagement Coordinator
Water First Staff: Nyree Bridgman

Nyree Bridgman

Position: School Engagement Coordinator
Categories: Staff

Nyree (they/them) is a certified geography and biology teacher, and holds a Bachelor of Environmental Studies focused on Indigenous Environmental Stewardship. As an outdoor and experiential educator, Nyree is committed to and experienced in engaging with youth in land and water stewardship. They are very passionate about language acquisition and sharing in meaningful community collaboration. 

Board of Directors



Water First Ambassador: Nadia George

Nadia George

Categories: Ambassadors

Nadia George is an award-winning Kuskatán Nahua-Canadian actress, activist, and therapeutic performance coach based in Toronto.

Nadia’s lived and professional experiences have empowered her to seek ways to improve the quality of life for all Indigenous Peoples across Turtle Island.

Her volunteerism focuses on Indigenous equity, environmental justice and mental health; and believes that gifting her time, talent and treasure is an important piece to being an ally for the Indigenous communities we collaborate with.


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