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Water First

Lori Corbiere

Position: Wahnapitae First Nation
Categories: Alumni

“I wanted to join Water First because I needed a change in my life where I feel I can help not only the environment, but my community and surrounding communities as well. We all need to start taking different measures to start taking care of Shkagamik-kwe, not only for us but for our future generations.

My relationship with water is life: we all need water in order to live a happy and healthy life. In our First Nation, we all have wells and sand points. Although we have clean water, it is a bit challenging to keep track of everyone to maintain clean water to each household. Before I started this internship, I did not know how much. We need a water treatment plant here to make easier to monitor water going to each household. Clean water is deserved to everyone in our community.

I am having a great time in this program, and being able work with these different tools and instruments to make sure our water and environment stays safe and clean is interesting to me. I love our in-class moments and out-of-town training. I like the fact that we can see how other communities work and keep there water and environment clean and sustainable for their communities.”