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Water First

Justice Chartrand-McDonald

Position: Washagamis Bay First Nation
Categories: Alumni

“I started this course knowing nothing but water coming out of the tap but started to take water more seriously as I learned.

In the past, water was never drinkable in my life. The pipes were old; you can’t even water plants or anything without draining the water tanks and the pumphouse. But now our reserve has a water facility plant, new pipelines, bigger water volume, and most important to me, the water is finally safe to drink. I love to see changes in my community and that’s why I’m not going anytime soon.

Why is water important? At first, water was just water to me, but I was taught that water was important to us as First Nations to protect it. Water is life, without water there is no life. And not just for us, but for the animals as well, because we do not own the water, we just use the water and protect their water.”