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Water First

Isaiah Tabobondung

Position: Wasauksing First Nation
Categories: Alumni

“I grew up with family in the water treatment field and always really enjoyed what they were doing. I saw the job posting in the band newsletter and jumped on the amazing opportunity to pursue a career as an operator.

I live on an island and we do lots of swimming, canoeing, and spending lots of time on and around the water. In 2012 when I was in Grade 6, my class went on a field trip to the water plant. I knew very little about the water before being a part of Water First, but since then, I’ve always wanted to work in the water treatment plant. The few things I did know about water quality were just helping do a few in the field tests with the band office.

I am doing this for myself, to better my own knowledge, and to help my community or other communities that struggle to have clean drinking water. I am doing this to help preserve our First Nation brothers and sisters.

I have truly loved my experience with the Water First Internship Program. I have enjoyed being able to learn how to take care of the water and how to help others understand why we treat the water. I also enjoy every in-person training weeks; they are always a blast with good memories!”