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Water First

School Fundraising

Are you interested in organizing a fundraiser at your school? We can help!

A fundraiser at your school can be a fun, easy way to encourage students to learn more about the water challenges faced by many Indigenous communities in Canada and to support Water First’s work in addressing them.

Before You Begin

The first step in organizing a successful fundraiser at your school is to understand the water challenges that many Indigenous communities in Canada are facing. For some, it may seem daunting to talk about these kinds of topics with your students, but don’t let that deter you. The water crisis in Indigenous communities is one of the most fundamental challenges in Canada today. Inspiring youth with a passion for water and an interest in supporting Indigenous youth is critical in sustainably addressing this crisis.

We’ve made some resources to help you and your students understand the complex challenges faced by many Indigenous communities in Canada and how you can help support our work addressing them. The links below provide information on water quality and water challenges that we encourage you to review before beginning your fundraising journey, as well as a list of resources to learn more about Indigenous culture and history.

Let's Get Started!

Ready to introduce this to your students? Here are some fun activities to begin the discussion. Try it out with your class and see what they already know, and what they want to learn more about.

School Fundraising Packages

To make fundraising at your school as easy as possible, we’ve created 3 handy packages that you can use to host an awesome fundraiser for Water First. In nice, simple packages, you’ll find all of the tools and information you’ll need to get your fundraiser up and running: a step-by-step checklist for getting started, ideas for morning announcements and social media posts, email templates for staff, parents and guardians, and field trip permission forms.

The Awareness Campaign and Silent Auction

This fundraiser involves students creating and auctioning off art inspired by water and/or what they’ve learned about water challenges in Indigenous communities.

The Water Walk

This fundraiser encourages community members to learn about the water crisis in Indigenous communities all while raising money through an online fundraising page or collecting cash or cheque donations.

The Big Clean Up

This fundraiser has students collecting donations leading up to a clean-up event at a location of your choice to clean up garbage that could otherwise end up in our water bodies.

For additional help, check out our fundraising toolkit for all of the resources you may need to plan and host a successful fundraiser.