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Make twice the impact.

Wade Roberts Plumbing is matching donations made through this page up to $10,000.

Donate now to make 2x the difference and provide life-changing training for Indigenous young adults.

Wade Roberts Plumbing

Providing Sustainable Solutions in Support of Water Training

Wade Roberts Plumbing Ltd., a locally owned Plumbing & Heating company in Victoria, BC, is committed to addressing clean water challenges in Canada by partnering with Water First to support access to clean drinking water through education, training and meaningful collaboration.

At Wade Roberts Plumbing Ltd, we believe our work should have a positive ripple effect on the world around us.  With our expertise in plumbing, sanitation, and energy systems it is abundantly clear to us everyday that access to clean water is essential to maintaining public health. Together, we strive to build strong connections with others who share our belief in a world where everyone has access to safe drinking water.  

The water crisis affects 785 million people in the world, including our own Indigenous communities right here in Canada.  We’re on a mission to change that with our partnership with Water First.  We are honoured to work with Indigenous communities in Canada to better understand how best to support their priorities around safe clean water with sustainable solutions.

The Water First Internship Program supports young Indigenous interns to become certified water treatment plant operators. This approach ensures sustainable access to safe drinking water in Indigenous communities for the long term.

More than just a water science training program

Custom designed to engage young Indigenous adults, the Water First Internship Program is informed by their perspectives. Along with skills and experience, interns feel an increase in confidence, and a deeper connection to the land and their community. They flourish in being part of a program that leads to not only a job, but a career. They are part of a long term, sustainable solution — providing safe drinking water in Indigenous communities.