Thank you for a successful year!

Thank you to all the schools who hosted GUSH workshops in the 2018/2019 school year for contributing to the success and awareness of our organization and programs. It is incredible to have teachers and principals all over the province reach out to us because they know the value of educating learners about water science and Indigenous water challenges.

We are happy to be ending the year on a high note, and we are proud of the overall success of the program! In the past year, we have taught over 300 workshops, bringing the grand total to 1,475 workshops taught since GUSH began. Over 20 school boards in southern Ontario have hosted workshops and approximately 40,000 students have learned about First Nations water challenges through hands-on water science lessons.

The Communities

We will not be offering GUSH workshops in the 2019/2020 academic year.

However, Water First will still have a presence in schools because raising awareness of Indigenous water challenges and the sacredness of water as a resource is incredibly important.

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Any immediate questions can be directed to Dillon Koopmans at or 1-800-970-8467 extension 104.