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Water First
Internship Highlighted as Innovative Initiative

Internship Highlighted as Innovative Initiative

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Water First Internship Highlighted as Innovative initiative in Government of Canada Sustainable Development Report

In October 2018, Environment and Climate Change Canada released a report detailing the Government of Canada’s efforts in realizing the 13 aspirational goals set out in its 2016 to 2019 Federal Sustainable Development Strategy.

For each goal, the report sets out why each goal is important, overall progress made towards reaching the goal, key activities undertaken, information on risks and challenges, linkages to the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development, as well as examples of innovative work taking place outside of the federal government.

Clean Drinking Water Goal: All Canadians have access to safe drinking water and, in particular, the significant challenges for Indigenous communities are addressed.

One of the 13 goals is for all Canadians to have access to safe drinking water, and in particular, to address the significant challenges faced by Indigenous communities in accessing clean drinking water. Pages 89 to 94 of the report summarize the efforts of Indigenous Services Canada in meeting its target of eliminating all long-term boil water advisories on publicly funded systems on First Nations reserves by 2021.

The Water First Internship piloted on Manitoulin Island was identified as an innovative approach to addressing this goal and as an organization taking action in collaboration with First Nations communities toward clean drinking water for everyone.