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Update on the Drinking Water Internship In Bimose

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At the time of our last newsletter we were pivoting our Internship program to remote and interactive online programming. Now that our interns have a few months of online learning experience we have settled into a routine. Each week, the interns receive a Mission Pack. It includes the week’s lesson, reflection questions that connect the week’s lesson to the work in the plant and review questions. Then during the week there are small group, or one on one, tutorial sessions with Water First staff. 

As we all know, living in isolation due to the risks of COVID-19 has its challenges. Each intern has had to navigate these challenges, while trying to balance the demands of the program in an online format. Due to COVID restrictions, some of the interns were unable to do the work placements in the water treatment plants. This was the aspect of the program that they were missing the most. We are excited to report that as of the end of June all but three of the interns are back at their work placements at their local water plant, where they are putting the theory they have been learning into practice. 

Thanks to our supporters, the Internship program in Bimose is expanding. Eight new interns will be starting in July on a fast track program delivered online. Jen Atkinson, our Director of Operations, explained that during the interview process the candidates expressed a keen interest in protecting and caring for water. They are interested in helping their communities address local challenges. “I anticipate a high motivation level and I look forward to them bringing new energy into the larger group overall.”

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