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Sunny Payash, Grassy Narrows First Nation

Sunny’s motivation to join the Water First Internship program was because he lost two nieces due to the mercury contamination in the English River. 

News of the Water First Internship program came to Sunny through a poster that a friend handed him. He signed up immediately. When he got the call that he had been accepted, he was very excited. 

Sunny thinks being a water treatment plant operator is a good career and is interested in getting all of his certifications, even Wastewater. Water is important to Sunny to help make it better for his community’s children, who are the future. He wants to help his community end its reliance on bottled water. He has enjoyed meeting new people and appreciates how learning more about water shows him just how important clean, safe water is to all life. “Even Mother Earth needs clean water.”

Learning from home and working in his local water treatment plant has had its challenges. Yet, Sunny has consistently met these challenges with dedication, hard work and positivity. 

“The internship is awesome. Commit to it and everything will fall into place.”