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Water First is hosting Clayton Samuel King during the Creemore Festival of the Arts 2019

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Water First is very excited to be hosting Clayton during the Creemore Festival of the Arts during the weekend of October 5th and 6th from 10am to 4pm.

Born and raised in St. Catharines, Clayton Samuel King is of Potawatomi descent and a member of Beausoleil First Nation. Clayton paints predominantly with acrylics but also works in photography, sculpture, graphite and traditional First Nation crafts. In addition to his artwork, Clayton delivers First Nations painting and cultural interpretive workshops that help bridge an understanding of First Nations art and history to native and non-native students alike. Clayton also performs as a Northern Traditional Pow Wow Dancer.

To learn more about Clayton and see some of his work, visit

Painting by Clayton Samuel King
The mermaid/merman clan of the Anishinaabek, or Nibinabe Doodem are protectors of the water, for it is a sacred medicine. This painting depicts a nibinabe kwe shining in the moon light of G’chi Manidoo or the Big Spirit Moon. It is during this moon phase that the power of Nookmis’s light purifies us and helps heal all creation. Just like any healing journey, patience is always required. It is during this time that we find out about the healing powers of the spirit world. It is these powers that help transform our way of life into a positive for our own vision and truth, just like the mermaid and the water. 

Purple Hills Arts & Heritage Society

The Creemore Festival of the Arts is a weekend-long celebration of art — one of the annual events that have made the village of Creemore a destination for creative inspiration and discovery.

This year, they are featuring the artwork of JJ Jasperson, Deborah Farquarson & Jocelyn Hirtes, and Denis Bolohan, along with dozens more artists within the village and the Creemore countryside. 

To learn more about the Purple Hills Arts & Heritage Society, visit

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