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Water First
A Paws-itive Tree Plant at Wahgoshig First Nation

A Paws-itive Tree Plant at Wahgoshig First Nation

  • 2 min read

Water First returned to Joseph H. Kennedy Public School in the summer of 2019 for more water science workshops and another watershed remediation project. However, when the students arrived at the chosen tree-planting location, the Water First truck was stuck on a muddy road somewhere else.

Without any tree planting supplies, everyone put their heads together to ensure the day would still go on. To keep the kids busy, an Elder from the community ran traditional activities with the students. Meanwhile, some of the staff began a rescue mission to retrieve the tree planting supplies. With the help of many community members, the tree planting supplies, truck and trailer were freed from the mud!

Despite having shovels, some of the students wanted to maximize the number of trees they planted by recruiting extra help: the neighbourhood dogs. The dogs dug holes on command and students planted the seedlings. 

Altogether, a total of 800 trees were planted. The tree plant could not have been such a success without the problem solving and collaboration of everyone involved!