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Water First

Spencer Welling

Position: Wasauksing First Nation
Categories: Alumni

“It felt like the Internship Program was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. I knew that this program would help me start a career where I feel like I would be making a difference. When I went to the Water First website and started to understand what the organization was doing, I felt like I had to apply and be a part of the program.

I enjoy water immensely, I’d say I have a strong relationship with water. My community did experience water challenges when I was growing up. We were told the well at my house was not good for drinking. I think that it was like that for most wells in my community. This was certainly a challenge that led me to work with Water First. I knew next to nothing about water treatment, but did know a tiny bit about what kinda water you want to drink from if you ever find yourself lost in the woods.

I’m doing this for myself, my family, and my community. It’s important to know how things are done, and gives you a better appreciation for it. It’s a good career to have, which I’m sure would ease my parents minds knowing that. It also feels good knowing that my community will have a local water treatment operator at the plant to at least a couple decades. I’d like to get a Level 3 certification for water treatment, I do see this as a career for me. I’d like to increase my math skills and learn more about chemistry.”