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Nick Chapman

Position: Temagami First Nation
Categories: Interns

“I wanted to join Water First because I love the environment. My dream was to become a Conservation Officer, and before graduation, I was given this opportunity by one of my sister’s friends. In my perspective, I thought that learning to become a water treatment operator was pretty close to my dream and that this would give me more time to decide on my future.

I’m mostly doing this for myself; I wanted to prove to myself that anything is possible if I try hard enough, prove that I am smart enough and I can put in the initiative.

I am in love with this program. The knowledge I have been given is a blessing, I would have to say that our in-person study sessions are my favorite part of the program. Especially when we went to Killarney and we got to go test the river, we used D-nets and kick nets to find benthic macroinvertebrates (ex. Stonefly Larva or Midge Larva (Bloodworm)). Definitely have to say my most favorite memories are there.”