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Water First
Water First Intern: Nathan Pamajewon

Nathan Pamajewon

Position: Shawanaga First Nation
Categories: Alumni

“I enjoy being out on the land. It gives me inspiration towards making music and drawing. I also like fishing, hunting, and gathering medicine. I’m proud of where I come from and the lands and resources that our land has to offer for us.

Before starting the Internship, I was in a Level 1 carpenter apprenticeship and was just finishing that up. Thinking about my future, I was all over the map when it came to what I wanted to do, and this opportunity just fit my personality much more. I love the environment and our people, and being able to provide safe drinking water to my community really hit my heart.

I’ve always been around the water growing up. It was something I felt I had a direct connection with. At first, I only knew a bit about water; I didn’t think that there was so much behind it, but I’m glad I learned the process and how to take pride in your work and keeping everyone safe. My inspiration was to be one of the men that provided care and respect for water as an Indigenous individual; alongside our women was even better. Water Warriors from both genders protecting that lifeline was a big thing to be involved with.

I am doing this for our people water is life, and I consider this to be an honour to keep it protected for now and the future. I want to take every step to becoming a successful Indigenous warrior in this line of work, and inspire the Indigenous youth to see the importance when it comes to water.

I believe this to be a career for myself, and I’ve enjoyed all of the experience so far, that I have been given the chance to obtain greater things in life. I want to see our community grow and become the best it can be. Provide the best and safe drinking water for my community or another community that’s not mine. Sky’s the limit.”