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Water First
Water First Intern, Melodie Jackpine from Serpent River First Nation

Melodie Jackpine

Position: Serpent River First Nation
Categories: Interns

“I saw the posting for the Drinking Water Internship on our community’s Facebook page. I’ve always felt drawn to water my entire life, and this seemed like a great opportunity to become part of a solution on our reserve. I have grown up in this community and have had boil water advisories in the past. I know that clean water may be our right, but not all of us – especially on reserves – are lucky enough to be able to have it. Even with our plant in operation, the community still experiences water issues, but the severity has lessened.

I am a stay-at-home mom. I’m doing this for my family, my community, and for future generations to come. I’d really like to further my career in water treatment and potentially even branch out into wastewater. My goal is to become a Level 4 Operator, where I can bring my experience to those who need it.

I’m looking forward to the future and all of the possibilities it holds!”