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Water First
Lawrence Mameanskum

Lawrence Mameanskum

Position: Naskapi Nation
Categories: Alumni

“I started working with Water First because I want to gain more knowledge about restoration and water quality analysis,” shares Lawrence.

Lawrence is a Water First Environmental Intern from Kawawachikamach. He has been working on water quality and restoration projects for Naskapi Nation in partnership with Water First. Last summer he was involved in fish populations assessments in Attikamagen Lake. “This lake is very important to my community as it is part of our traditional fishing and hunting territory.”

Lawrence is a Canadian Ranger taking on rescues in the north. He is trained and knowledgeable about the land, which has been helpful for the team. He has a love for fishing and this past winter was asked to hunt caribou for the community.

Lawrence is interested in balancing traditional knowledge with western science and conservation. “ I liked using the scientific equipment and enjoyed learning new techniques during my first field season with Water First.” With the teachings from his grandfather, he is able to bridge both worlds for his community. “I hope I can share my experiences and knowledge with the younger generation and teach them about the restoration and conservation of our land.”