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Water First

Kennedy Dokis

Position: Dokis First Nation
Categories: Alumni

“Before starting the Water First Internship Program, I was working at the school in Dokis and spending my time outdoors, going on adventures, watching movies, playing video games and hanging out with my cousins. I saw the posting on Facebook and thought that I should give it a shot. I also wanted to help the local water treatment plant operator, as she is the only one working there, and it can be pretty hard to do everything by yourself. 

My relationship with water is pretty good, in my opinion. I love everything about it – how it moves, what it can do to things, and just how different looking it can be. We haven’t experienced water challenges in a while; once, we had diesel leak into our water plant we had to go get water bottles to hand out to the community every week so that everyone is good and safe.

I’m doing this for my shoomis (grandfather). He always taught how to treat the water and what it can do to help with traditional teachings. Water is one of the most important things that was taught to us when we were younger. He passed away in April of 2020, and his native name was ‘the water that comes back’.

I’ve learned a lot about how the water works, and how to control everything in the water plant. If anything goes wrong I know what to do and who to call. After graduating from the program, I am hoping i’ll be able to work here at the water plant in Dokis or find a water plant somewhere in town or far away. Just see where life takes me, one step at a time.”