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Water First
Water First Intern: Harmony Restoule

Harmony Restoule

Position: Dokis First Nation
Categories: Alumni

“Knowing my role as an Anishinaabek woman and protector of water has been a driving force to making the most of this program. Knowing that I am helping to provide clean drinkable water to my family and community, while other First Nations continue to struggle, is a humbling experience. [I am doing this] for my kids. I know the connection I, as a mother, have with water: water surrounded and protected my babies while they came from the spirit world into this one. I owe a lot to the gifts of water. This is my little part to help protect Nibi.

The program has been monumental in allowing me to explore the world of water operations. The hands-on experience with skilled Operators and other experts in the field, the training opportunities, and just the chance to try something new. It has opened my eyes from thinking it was simply testing and reading values but understanding the relationship of the water to everything around it.

Outside of the Internship, I enjoy revitalizing our traditional crafts and experimenting with new mediums and techniques. I love to work with birch bark. It has so many incredibly useful properties to our people.”