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Water First

Destiny Geroux

Position: Shawanaga First Nation
Categories: Alumni

“Before joining the Internship Program, I was working at a fish hatchery and with the Species-at-Risk Program, which involved a lot of wildlife training and surveys on aquatic animals and reptiles. I also like to play guitar and game!

Water in Shawanaga First Nation hasn’t had any problems with its quality, but more with quantity: we don’t have enough water supply to be able to safely do the flushing. If there is a wildfire, it is really unfortunate because there isn’t much we can do.

Water First staff have been incredibly understandable – not like how my teachers in high school said that the workplace was going to be. I feel like I am learning more from Water First than I did at my actual school; I feel like they are really taking the time to understand the interns. After graduating from the Internship Program, I’m hoping to land a position at the new plant and be able to help out my community.”