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Alex Nahwegahbow, Whitefish River First Nation

Alex Nahwegahbow obtained is Operator-In-Training certification and Water Quality Analyst certification, two goals that he set out at the start the internship. “This is a great opportunity,” he said. “I like this work, and it’s a good job to get into.”

Alex completed one year of a Police Foundations diploma at college after finishing high school, but found it hard to be away from his home community. He went on to work construction, as well as a few contracts with the Whitefish River band as well as Health Canada. He’s hoping the Internship might lead to something more permanent.

“I like the testing, and all the day-to-day work,” he said. “And it’s nice that I’m not breaking my back, like I was on construction.”

Armed with his OIT, WQA, and the knowledge and experience gained during the Internship, Alex is currently working as an OIT for the Ontario Clean Water Agency in Espanola ON.