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Peter Gilgan Foundation

It just makes logical sense. The crisis of clean water is such a large problem and we need to address it from all angles. Water First has a logical and wonderful solution. And they empower Indigenous youth to be part of that solution. We hope our support will create a

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Om Naturale

We support Water First because it’s that simple — water is first. It is life. We use plants as the base of our products, and like people, they need clean, safe water to grow. We want to help ensure that not only plants but people all have access to safe,

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Esri Canada

Esri Canada is honoured to partner with Water First. Environmental sustainability is crucial for Esri and we’re pleased that our software will help Water First carry out their current conservation work and help future First Nation generations manage their water resources.

Bryan Minhinnett, Esri Canada
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Water First…and always! We believe healthy water creates healthy communities and engaging youth to be agents of change and future community water leaders, is worth every drop!

Reggie Tikka, LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics
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Jessica Montagano

Every Grade 7 and 8 class in Ontario should do workshops like these. Students had a chance to connect their knowledge of water to the social, economic, and environmental impacts that certain industries have on it.… Read More

Meghan Killman

The workshop and our instructor were exceptional. The students were engaged in a worthwhile, meaningful, relevant, and necessary conversation while also covering the curriculum expectations at the same time.… Read More

Aline Maleganovski

I love how this highly engaging program teaches the science curriculum through an ecological lens with a focus on Indigenous communities. Hugely powerful and informative!… Read More

Emma Mumford-Mills

A fantastic program – unique materials, a strong workshop leader and clear objectives. All things we need to engage students and make them life-long environmentalists!… Read More

Cynthia Roulston

The hands-on activities really made an important environmental issue become a dynamic and fun learning experience. My grade 8 students learned a lot and were able to express their knowledge in many different ways.… Read More