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At every step, highly qualified and dedicated professionals are involved in our operations.

Staff Members

Water First Staff: Tanya Sackaney

Tanya Sackaney

Position: Indigenous Schools Engagement Coordinator
Categories: Staff

Tanya is an Ontario Certified Teacher and holds a Graduate Diploma of Education in the Primary and Junior divisions, as well as a Bachelor of Science in Physical Geography. Her background includes several years of teaching experience on a First Nations reserve, as well as time spent delivering environmental programming. Her goal is to provide engaging and empowering, land-based learning opportunities for the Indigenous youth she works with.

Tanya Sackaney

Indigenous Schools Engagement Coordinator

Board of Directors

Water First Board: Teza Lawrence

Teza Lawrence, B.A.H.

Categories: Board of Directors

Teza is an award winning television and film producer and co-founder of Amaze Film & Television, working with YTV, HBO & Disney among others. She balances the bright lights of the entertainment industry with the bucolic pasture of her Duntroon farm.

Teza Lawrence, B.A.H.

Indigenous Advisory Council

Water First does not identify as an Indigenous-led organization. As such, our Indigenous Advisory Council members provide valuable feedback on our programs and delivery in communities.