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Water First

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At every step, highly qualified and dedicated professionals are involved in our operations.

Board of Directors


Polly Bobiwash

Categories: Board of Directors

Polly Bobiwash is the Director of Labour Market Development at the Anishinabek Nation, which has 39 member First Nations communities. She has spent over 35 years providing counsel to First Nations individuals, organizations, and communities in the area of employment and training services, guiding individuals to secure both fulfilling and meaningful employment.


Water First Advisor: Paola Accetolla

Paola Accettola

Categories: Advisors

Paola began her career with Liberty Mutual, gaining unparalleled experience in the human resources space, and has worked in senior level HR positions with notable brands such as Nike and Cineplex. Paola is currently the Founder and Principal of True North HR Consulting and is known for her smart, simple people solutions that focus business leaders on the people strategies that make a measurable difference. She and her True North team have been instrumental in the design and implementation of critical human resources processes that support Water First’s hiring and staff support needs. Paola fills an integral role as an advisor to Water First.


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