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At every step, highly qualified and dedicated professionals are involved in our operations.

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Water First does not identify as an Indigenous-led organization. As such, our Indigenous Advisory Council members provide valuable feedback on our programs and delivery in communities.

Water First FNAC: Sue Chiblow

Ogamauh annag qwe, B.Sc., MEM

Position: (Sue Chiblow)
Categories: Indigenous Advisory Council

Ogamauh annag qwe is crane clan born and raised in Garden River First Nation. She has worked extensively with First Nation communities for the last 26 years in environmental related fields. She sits on council in Garden River First Nation and is currently pursuing her Ph.D in Environmental Science at York University with a focus on N’be Kendaaswin (Water Knowledge). Sue has worked with Elders for the last 26 years documenting their knowledge and currently works with the Traditional Ecological Knowledge Elders from the Huron Treaty area.

Ogamauh annag qwe, B.Sc., MEM

(Sue Chiblow)