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Our Team

At every step, highly qualified and dedicated professionals are involved in our operations.

Staff Members

Erin Peters, Ph.D

Manager, Instructional Design & Delivery
Water First Staff: Erin Peters

Erin Peters, Ph.D

Position: Manager, Instructional Design & Delivery
Categories: Staff
Erin has joined Water First after over 10 years of working in the university sector in the UK as an Associate Professor/Senior Lecturer. She brings experience and qualifications in designing, developing, and delivering hands-on, experiential, and applied skills-based educational programs for adult learners. Erin’s instructional design aims to meet learners wherever they are in their knowledge and ability level to help them successfully reach their learning goals. She holds a Ph.D. along with a PGCAP teaching qualification. Erin is also an active researcher and regularly publishes peer-reviewed outputs. 

Émilie Sanmartin

Director of Western Partnerships
Water First staff member: Emilie Sanmartin

Émilie Sanmartin

Position: Director of Western Partnerships
Categories: Staff

Émilie has over 16 years of international experience working in the water and sanitation sector for non for profit organizations. She has collaborated with numerous small to large NGOs, municipalities, educational institutions and Governments to increase the availability of safe water and adequate sanitation facilities locally. She holds a Master in Water Management from Cranfield University, UK and a Bachelor in Wildlife and Countryside Conservation from Bishop Burton College, UK.

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