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At every step, highly qualified and dedicated professionals are involved in our operations.

Staff Members

Water First Staff: Dillon Koopmans

Dillon Koopmans

Position: Senior Manager, Education
Categories: Staff

Dillon is an Ontario Certified Teacher of Potawatomi descent who holds Bachelors degrees in geography and education. He has collaborated with schools and community members in over twenty FNMI communities in Ontario, Manitoba & Quebec to deliver STEM-based science workshops and complete watershed restoration & conservation projects. He has significant experience designing and delivering in-class and land-based educational programs at the Primary, Junior, Intermediate and Senior divisions.

Dillon Koopmans

Senior Manager, Education

Board of Directors

Indigenous Advisory Council

Water First does not identify as an Indigenous-led organization. As such, our Indigenous Advisory Council members provide valuable feedback on our programs and delivery in communities.